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07.11.04 (7:20 pm)   [edit]
I havent been here for a week or so. Well life has been kind of busy, its been non-stop birthday parties. I had Matt's party which Andrew went to also. It was a lot of fun. you name the drink they had it. I also have Amanda's party to go this friday, its her graduation party. That should be a lot of fun. Just give me a bottle of scotch and soda im done for the night. :) Andrew will also be going to that one to. But with him its more like the bottle of jack. lol. I will be going with my new boyfriend, Mike. He's so wonderful, he's the best person i have ever met, so kind. So i've also been really busy with him and all. Although its only been about 2 weeks with us. its still all so new and exciting. :D Oh man i can't wait till i go back to school, college is gonna be awesome this semester.:) well i guess thats really all for right this moment. yep. i dont really know much else to say so im out and leave me love.


It's been a while for sure.
06.29.04 (6:51 pm)   [edit]
Well everything here inside my house is pretty much back to normal. There are a few things that just arent right. but hey what are you going to do about them? My mom and dad have been rearraging this place like you wouldn't believe. i just did my nails, i painted them pink and now they have these little bumps in them like air pockets. :( that really sucks. im not very happy now. i should take it off and re-do it but im too lazy. i spoke to andrew a few days ago and everything with him is going ok. except his annoying ass brother. but hey everything cant be perfect right? well thats all for me for today. leave me love. im out.

well lets just say
06.15.04 (7:32 am)   [edit]
that me and andrew have decided to remain friends. why ruin what we have for a relationship? half the time it doesnt turn out the way you want when you break it off. well thats the best of it. he's been really busy anyway. well as for me our kitchen and bathrooms have been finished. thank god. i dont have any of those nasty men with their ass cracks hanging out in my house no more. well our house is 10 times better now oh my god u have no idea. but aynway its time for me to go to work now. cus u know that thing that pays bills, yea well i gotta go.c-ya'll


This is how it went
06.12.04 (5:38 am)   [edit]
Well I went out with Andrew last night. We went out to dinner and then he took me down to the beach and backed his truck into the sand. He got out and opened the back hatch and invited me back there so of course I went. It was really nice, we liad there, we talked, we watched the water and the sun set. It was around 11 when we started making out and then we kept being interrupted by his phone, that kept going off every 5 minutes until he answered it. I didnt mind too much, I mean shit happens you know. I had to be home by 1, so after that he had to take me home. I got home to find that my parents had gone to bed and my lil sister was up waiting for me. i thought that was so cute. The guys wont be back until monday to finish our kichten and bathrooms, however they are working on it today. well i have to work today so I really dont care. Ill be seeing Andrew after i get outta work at 2. Catch ya'll later. Leave me love.

things are.....
06.11.04 (6:18 am)   [edit]
going good for the most part. my house is just total craziness. We're having our kitchen and bathroom redone. so we only have one bathroom upstairs for everyone to use thats not a total mess, because my parents are having theirs redone to. We've been going out to eat for at least 2 weeks already because these people arent done. This job they're doing should only be another week. then they should be finsihed. I'm hoping that they're going to be finsihed. I cant stand all these weird people in my house. lol. I guess thats all for today.

My night
06.10.04 (3:43 am)   [edit]
I went out with Andrew last night. He took me to the movies and dinner. He's really sweet, he never tried anything on me, I got a hug goodnight when he dropped me off at my house. That shows that he respects me. He's actually one of the nicest guys I've ever met. He hasnt met my parents yet, but then I dont really know him that well, theres no need to rush things. I gotta go to work now so I'm out and leave me some love.


i talked to Andrew last night
06.09.04 (5:41 am)   [edit]
and he is the same person cus I asked him about fallinangel. He is the same person. Although I dont see whats so bad about him. She makes him out to be the bad person, like everything is his fault. I dont really know what went down but after reading their blogs you can kinda tell in a way. He just seems really sweet and caring and just all around a great guy. So I think I'm going to go for him while the getting is good. I'll be hanging out with him tonight so I'll let you know tomarrow what happend. Leave me some love and I'll check ya'll later.


my first entry...
06.08.04 (3:03 pm)   [edit]
I was reading someones blog and she was talking about an Andrew and I'm wondering if its the same person that I know, cuz I read a lot of her blog and I'm just curious. Maybe I'll ask her and we'll find out. I'm not too sure about anything anymore. I know this guy Andrew and he's really cute and I want him and hold on my dog needs to go out. ok I'm back. Back to Andrew and I'm not too sure if he has a girl or what. He doesnt seem to but I think I will have to do more investigating and talking to him. lol. catch ya'll later leave me some love.